Enhanced service delivery for Hiscox brokers and customers


The relationship between Capita and Hiscox began in 1997.  Initially the contract was for the provision of policy administration following the TUPE transfer of the business processing functions from Hiscox to Capita.  The contract was renewed in 2014 (for 2015 onwards) building on our existing partnership providing Hiscox with outsourced services for renewals and mid-term adjustments for its high net worth households and professional indemnity insurance policies, along with data processing, managing premium collection and all associated credit control functions.  The team in Sittingbourne also provide administrative support to claims handlers and bordereaux processing for brokers with delegated authority.

The contract is still managed from the original Hiscox site in Sittingbourne (albeit this site is now a Capita site).


The Capita team are the back office administrative link between Hiscox underwriters and their brokers.  The range of services provided includes:

  • Data processing for high net worth household and professional indemnity insurance
  • Managing premium collection of £97million per annum and all associated credit control functions
  • Administration of policy cover information, direct debit details and other miscellaneous data.
  • Co-ordination of quotes from Hiscox underwriters to brokers
  • Managing relationship between brokers and claims handlers at regional offices
  • Administrative support to claims handlers including data management of claims records on Hiscox systems and bordereaux processing for brokers with delegated authority
  • Processing of £60,000 worth of Hiscox claims settlement cheques each day
  • Bank account reconciliation, banking/raising cheques, daily BACS transactions


The team continue to build on and maintain a strong and successful partnership with Hiscox.  The success of the contract can partly be attributed to the excellent relationship between Capita and Hiscox personnel. There is open and honest dialogue from both sides and at all levels; problems are approached in a constructive and professional, but also friendly manner. The service levels are very closely monitored and reported, with any inconsistencies addressed as they arise. Performance against service levels for both the Capita team and Hiscox’s own staff is reported on daily and shared with all Capita and Hiscox attendees of monthly governance. This helps to improve working relationships between the teams as they can all see that they are being measured against the same targets as well as seeing how each area is performing against those targets. The work is constant and challenging, but because of the openness of the relationship, staff at all levels enthusiastically buy into the team work ethic and enjoy the success that each month brings.



  • Improved service through our credit control function and working with the Hiscox finance team to plan for further success in 2015
  • A very close working relationship with regular governance meetings and full transparency
  • All contractual SLAs consistently and continually reviewing SLA measures to ensure they are both appropriate and aligned to customer outcomes/ business goals and aims
  • Invaluable SME support provision (working alongside Hiscox project leads) to the Hiscox Smarter Growth programme

Customer satisfaction

“I am pleased that we are continuing our service arrangement and relationship with Capita. They have developed a deep understanding of our business and provide us with a consistently high level of service which is vital in providing both our brokers and customers with superb service. They are aligned with our thinking that our services need to continually evolve and improve to meet our broker and customer needs.” Alan Millard, Chief Operating Officer of Hiscox UK