Operational risk and compliance

The financial services industry is undergoing substantial changes, as firms have to react to new traditional and digital regulations, the low interest rate environment, the onslaught of Fintech and the ever-changing trends of customers.

At Capita, we can help organisations adopt a customer-centric digital enterprise, minimise risks and improve compliance. To protect the interests of your consumers, we will put in place solutions that will give more transparency, agility and security. We can implement innovative capabilities that can quickly help identify, evaluate and mitigate risks through the development of risk registers.

Our solutions amalgamate existing and new policies (e.g. GDPR) and the structures set within your risk management frameworks, and at the same they integrate automation, robotics and artificial intelligence capabilities. This means that firms can shift their focus away from people and on to assessing their technology and processes. Our solutions can reduce a firm’s future risk, escalating litigation and penalties. In this way, we offer them sustained long-term success, which creates greater value for their customers, stakeholders, regulators and employees.

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