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Future gazing

A range of our experts came together throughout December to share their business predictions for the year ahead.

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5 things we've learnt about automation

Chris McKibbin   

Over three decades we’ve gained a huge amount of practical experience in transforming and running operations. But, in the last few years, we’ve also learnt a lot about how automation can play a key part in this and how it can be implemented successfully.

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Applying technology for competitive advantage

In their ‘London Matters’ publication, the London Market Association signalled there is substantial opportunity for those organisations that can reduce the cost of doing business to increase competitive advantage. In the face of this challenge, and with technology remaining a major disruptor in the market, here are ten reasons you should speak to us.

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How can we support talent in the MGA industry?

Over the last six weeks or so, a number of MGAs have launched in the London market, led by well known, experienced practitioners such as Concordia and Horizon. Whilst it is great that the MGA market is growing, I agree with a recent initiative from the MGAA which focuses on the need to improve the talent that is available to lead MGAs.

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Improving credit control is vital as the market tries to manage costs and deliver profitability

The market faces significant challenges in the current pricing environment, whilst at the same time needing to effectively utilise capital to build a business that can grow into the opportunities that new, often international markets, represent. The market must make as much finance available as possible to its businesses if it is to boost results and drive the needed market innovation.

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MGAs and Regulation

The market currently operates two MGA models, an independent, stand alone MGA and a MGA that is a subsidiary of a broker.

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