Capita wins Global Sourcing Association Award – Financial Services Outsourcing Project of the Year

On the 10th November the newly branded Global Sourcing Association (GSA) UK Awards (formerly NOA Awards) were held in London. The ceremony brought together more than 350 members of leading outsourcing service providers, advisors and buyers.

We are delighted to announce that our partnership with Flood Re won the category of Financial Services Outsourcing Project of the Year.  Flood Re was set up to help those households who live in a flood risk area find affordable home insurance.

Alistair MacTaggart, Managing Director, Insurance Services said “Flood Re was a challenging and demanding project because of the timescales and its unique nature.  But our collaborative way of working and the quality of the team ensured that the operation launched successfully and on time.  It has given us all a great deal of satisfaction knowing that we have helped deliver something which is so important for hundreds of thousands of people living in high flood risk areas. I am delighted that all those involved have been recognised through this award win. Thank you to everyone.”

Brendan McCafferty, CEO, Flood Re said “Capita brought with them an impressive set of capabilities along with a good understanding of our objectives.  They mobilised a highly experienced team and played an essential role in ensuring we launched on time.  We appreciate their support, pragmatism and dedication to making Flood Re a reality”.

Kerry Hallard, Chief Executive Office, GSA UK commented: “This was without a doubt the most competitive year ever in terms of submissions. I’d like to congratulate all those organisations who made the shortlist in the first place and, of course, the eventual category winners.”

Read more about the success of Flood Re here.

Flood Re

A world-first scheme

  • Went live on 4th April 2016 and is in place until 2039
  • Enables homeowners to find affordable insurance if an eligible property is at risk of flooding
  • Helps tenants to find affordable contents insurance if they live in an eligible property
  • Helps local authorities and communities across the UK to be better prepared for flooding
  • Creates a ‘level playing field’ for UK insurers, which means they can still offer homeowners an affordable range of appropriate policies to those homes at risk of flooding.