Why us?

  • Comprehensive procedural frameworks
  • Support across the whole premium management spectrum
  • Trusted to handle the safe flow of money through a complex environment
  • Accurate and timely credit control
  • Flexible resource planning to match workloads
  • Integrated offshore services 
  • Targeted audit controls for consistent high quality output

Broker services

Regulatory pressures and challenging market conditions can be a strain on a broker's core activity such as nurturing customer relationships and market liaison.

The support we provide brokers with full post placement back office capabilities enables them to concentrate on the things that truly allow their business to prosper. 

Our broker support services include:

  • Full/bespoke business processing outsourcing
  • Policy production
  • Post placement administration
  • Claims processing and broking
  • Fiduciary & IBA management
  • Technical & project services

With over 1,400 professionals providing services across the insurance industry our experts provide services to clients and intermediaries across all major classes of business, supported by subject matter experts and experienced operational managers we have solutions to help in any situation.

In addition to looking after all your premium and policy documentation we offer premium technical processing services, including post tracking and risk data capture and handle all your post-bind needs.

Our fiduciary teams are a healthy mix of the highly experienced and juniors learning fast and showing potential. Many are either already qualified or are studying for professional accountancy credentials.

Using our capability in project management, analytics and management information we can also help you ensure your business runs professionally and flexibly.