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Cheltenham races

This year, we are delighted to have been given the opportunity to have a great day at the races with full hospitality whilst supporting Gloucestershire’s leading children’s charity, Pied Piper. And we have the added benefit of supporting a great charity.

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Future gazing

A range of our experts came together throughout December to share their business predictions for the year ahead.

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9 ways GDPR could enhance control over our own data

As the 25th May looms large on the horizon, numerous industry bodies are predicting how GDPR will change the landscape of UK business. Our customer management business has rounded up 9 of the ways in which GDPR is currently forecasted to enhance the control individuals have over their data.

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Insurance Innovations Middle East

This meeting will gather the insurance industry experts from Europe and Middle East under the same roof, to share their own experiences and successful strategies and discuss how important it is to be innovative in a fast evolving environment.

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Client Xmas drinks

Kath Gioiosa and her team, along with Alistair MacTaggart, Managing Director Insurance Services, would like to invite you for an informal evening of drinks and canapés.

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Managing the assigned risk pool - Protecting the public

We have successfully administered the assigned risk pool since winning the contract in 2000, providing an efficient and cost-effective scheme that offers comprehensive and high quality protection to people who have suffered from incompetent or corrupt solicitors.

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Workwatch was born out of a desire to create a single work tracking tool within one of our client’s operations to provide an end-to end-view of the work item lifecycle, therefore providing insight into the end client experience.

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Flood Re

Flooding is a significant problem for the UK and it is forecast to get much worse with climate change. In the UK, 5.2 million domestic properties are at risk of flooding and projections show that rising sea levels and higher frequency and severity of rainstorms could lead to another 500,000 more properties being at ‘significant’ risk of flooding by 2035.*

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5 things we've learnt about automation

Chris McKibbin   

Over three decades we’ve gained a huge amount of practical experience in transforming and running operations. But, in the last few years, we’ve also learnt a lot about how automation can play a key part in this and how it can be implemented successfully.

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Approval in principle for new Cobalt Lloyd’s syndicate

Cobalt Insurance Holdings Ltd (“Cobalt”) and Capita Managing Agency Ltd (“CMA”) have announced they have taken a significant step in the launch of Lloyd’s first fully Shariah compliant syndicate after receiving 'in principle' approval from Lloyd's Franchise Board.

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