Digital strategy

How can we move forward with ‘digital’ if we can’t agree on what it is? Digital means different things to different people, and the lack of a common understanding is often what holds people and organisations back.

In our experience, we’ve found that one thing is very clear – by the time an organisation is talking about ‘going digital’ they are, in fact, looking for technology-enabled change.

This kind of change is about more than just technology or processes; it is social and behavioural as well.

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Our approach

Our imaginative designers use different formats and media, both online and offline, and always look to make things personal and relevant.

Traditional offline communications (print, merchandise and face-to-face) are used where needed, as are exciting digital channels (web, email, social media, gamification and mobile technology).

We work equally well in both; the important thing is to do what is right for the person at the end. We think about people, not products.

As well having creative skills, we are experts in pensions, benefits and reward. From defined benefits (DB) closure to flex launches, our qualifications and experience ensure the integrity of our communications.


Our services

As a leading insurance company, we use our expertise, groundbreaking technology and passion for client care to deliver solutions and services that add real value to your business.

At Capita, we can help transform your business by including robotics and automation capabilities in your business solutions. This can increase your productivity and customer service capacity and reduce your processing costs.

Our data analytics solutions can be adapted either to help develop an organisation's own existing analytics capabilities or to provide data analytics as a service.

Through the range of skills we bring and by partnering with best-of-breed technology providers, we can help you to bridge the gap between strategy and delivery.

Our smart digital solutions transform how organisations operate, drive down costs and provide better customer experiences.

Connecting with you

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