Risk management and compliance

We believe in embracing risk as a strategic partner. Our resources, skills and infrastructure will enable your business to change direction, to scale up to meet peaks in demand and to deploy new technology – all more easily, more quickly and more cost-effectively than you could do it for yourself.

One of the most effective ways of minimising risk is to outsource certain aspects of your operation that are not central to your business. This leaves you free to concentrate on your core activities.

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Our approach

Meeting regulatory and governance responsibilities

Where we manage your services, we can embed our award-winning OCFs, so that you can be confident we are operating a controlled business on your behalf and meeting regulatory and other governance responsibilities.

Treating Customers Fairly (TCF)

We believe that customers are at the heart of every organisation, and our approach ensures that all business processes are customer-focused.

Managing breaches (incidents), including data protection

We promote compliance with regulatory and legislative requirements.

Quality control

We make sure that quality controls are appropriate for the complexity and risk profile of your business, resulting in reduced costs and improved customer experience.

Process and procedure

We ensure that all your documentation is robust, is set out in a consistent and easily understood format, and is reviewed regularly.




Our services

Organisations today are not only facing increasing levels of regulatory and legislative change and oversight, but are also dealing with challenging economic conditions.

While we bring the same basic elements and approach to everything we do, each solution we provide is designed according to the particular needs of that individual client, and, of course, their customers.

We introduce tried-and-tested frameworks that minimise risk and improve overall compliance. These frameworks are regularly updated to reflect new business and new operational dynamics, such as online buying and online management of insurance products. 

We have developed a range of solutions that can identify risks and recommend how best to remove or control them, allowing you to operate with greater confidence and helping you to achieve your goals.

Client testimonial

We were very pleased with the assistance provided by Capita in developing our risk management system. They provide us with a very valuable tool for the future.

Connecting with you

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