Broker services

At Capita, we are committed to supporting brokers in their everyday activities.

Our team of professionals are able to offer a full suite of services that utilise a mature onshore–offshore model.

We can offer a full suite of back-office services that provide specialist bespoke insurance placements relating to aviation, energy, marine, finPro, global property and casualty insurance, as well as individual bespoke solutions across placement, fiduciary and claims.

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Our approach

We are a Lloyd's registered broker with wide geographical service capability and established relationships.

We have a wealth of expertise and experience in working with both clients and intermediaries, and our team is supported by subject matter experts and experienced operational managers, ensuring that we can provide the right solution every time.

By working with Capita you can expect:

  • Flexibility and availability of trained resources
  • Expertise suitable to meet the demands of your business
  • An ongoing programme of continuous improvement and efficiencies, which is embedded within our processes
  • Access to Capita's wider resource and expertise pool

Our services

Our team of experts engage closely with you to create solutions that deliver the results you need.

  • Renewal and new business MRC
  • MRCE (mid-term contract amendments)
  • Client evidence of cover production
  • Risk loading
  • Invoicing
  • Quality assurance checking
  • Policy documentation
  • Binder and contract management
  • Bordereaux premium settlement
  • Trapped premium
  • Query management/resolution
  • Client and market accounts
  • Unmatched cash
  • Financial exposures
  • Reconciliation and ledger management
  • Matching of receipts
  • Credit control
  • Inter-company reconciliations
  • Query management/resolution
  • Segregated treasury team (for the posting of receipts to the fiduciary ledger)

In addition to looking after all your premium and policy documentation, we offer premium technical processing services, including post tracking analysis and risk data capture, and we handle all your post-bind needs.

Over 50 per cent of our staff are dedicated to serving brokers.

Lloyd’s syndicates have service company set-ups requiring broker intervention, which Capita can provide to ensure that transaction management provides the requisite data for Lloyd’s reporting.

Capita can also handle claims recoveries with the agreement of a broker transfer, usually on non-renewed business where the broker is not performing.

Client testimonial

Capita has developed a deep understanding of our business and provides us with a consistently high level of service, which is vital in providing both our brokers and our customers with superb service. They are aligned with our thinking that our services need to continually evolve and improve to meet our broker and customer needs.

Connecting with you

Get in touch if you have a question or would like to explore how our solutions could help your organisation.

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