MGA investments

MGA Investments takes minority equity stakes in UK-based MGAs with excellent management teams who:


  • Have a successful track record in the industry and a compelling business plan
  • Are looking to set up their own, new MGA or are looking for fresh equity in a successful, existing MGA
  • Have an acceptable level of personal equity within the business
  • Are looking to outsource their back-office processing

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Our approach


The MGA arena is growing and the current soft market conditions are an ideal opportunity for new MGAs to position themselves for an upturn. Becoming successful is not without its challenges but we believe that where an MGA is prepared to innovate it will find room in the market to be more than just effective.

Successful MGAs tend to specialise in niche markets where insurers lack expertise. What’s more they don’t necessarily have costs associated with other distribution channels. Whether an opportunity arises to move into a specialist market or costs are a perceived barrier to market entry, a well-run MGA can be successful even if market conditions are soft.

By investing we become minority stakeholders so that you, as owner of the MGA, keep control of the business. You would, however, need to outsource your back office process to us which can be anything from risk capture, post bind quality assurance to claims.

For us, the investment portfolio provides an income stream from both the outsourced contract and potential returns from dividend income, in addition to any upside from the investments’ eventual sale or partial sale.

All investment opportunities are assessed on a case-by-case basis.  Shared goals and objectives are key to successful investment.

If you have any questions, contact

Sue Perry | Manager, MGA Investments

Insurance & Benefits Services 

Capita | 65 Gresham Street, London EC2V 7NQ


Our highly experienced insurance services teams provide a broad offering of back office support to MGAs. 

These services include: risk capture, aggregations, sanctions checking, bordereaux management.

These services include credit control, management accounts, financial and regulatory reporting.

Our claims services are scalable and flexible, with access to a specialist team that have skills across all major lines of business. Our team operate from London and Cheltenham to provide a high-quality and timely claims service.

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