Policy administration

At Capita, we provide policy administration solutions that will adapt to our clients' future and evolving needs.

Administrative services lie at the heart of many of the solutions we provide. We can provide you with an entirely bespoke service, offering service flexibility, risk control, scalability, certainty of cost and unrivalled support.


Our team work in a fully regulated environment to provide fully compliant policy administration services to a range of customers, distributors and agents. Our services cover the full end-to-end policy lifecycle and include supporting services such as complaints handling, specialist claims administration and the full provision of management information.

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Our approach

Implementing enhanced operating models

We can help you to identify your business requirements and to develop an optimal operating model or system.

Developing and implementing the transformation strategy

We help our clients to develop their strategies and we have the expertise and experience to take those strategies to market. This experience extends to business operations, systems, technical and regulation programmes, and project management. 

Reinventing business technology

We can support you in implementing new systems, and our experience and knowledge of the market enable us to re-engineer your existing processes.

Our services

Our team of experts engage closely with you to create solutions that deliver the results you need.

Our services offer a combination of innovation, highly skilled people and solutions that are tailored to your needs.

We are able to build tailored and flexible live or run-off strategies to meet your business needs.

We work with a number of leading technology providers, which gives us the flexibility to choose the right system for your requirements. We will manage the process of data migration for you, including:

  • Specific business processes
  • Testing and training documentation
  • Data conversion mapping for internal and external systems
  • Leveraging offshore resources for a more cost-effective implementation

Client testimonial

...these are great call stats. A huge thank you to the team and to you for leading them. New product + new systems + Monday morning call volumes + call backs completed. You should feel very proud. Many thanks.

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