Reinsurance management

We can work with you to implement your reinsurance management strategy and to make the whole end-to-end process run smoothly, efficiently and quickly.

Having the right expertise, resources and controls is critical if assets are to be managed in the most effective way, and should be at the heart of the business strategy for any reinsurance provider. 

We have a wealth of experience in the application of the facultative, treaty and excess of loss type of reinsurance arrangements commonly utilised within the market.

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Our approach

By linking your capabilities with our comprehensive reinsurance management services, we can help you grow and achieve your business strategy.

We provide flexible solutions throughout the reinsurance life cycle that are tailored to your needs and that help you to manage the associated risks more effectively.

At every stage we make sure that we fully understand your business, enabling us to create the right solutions for you and to give you access to our most relevant expertise and services.

Our services

Our reinsurance experts provide effective and comprehensive management services.

Our experts effectively manage our clients' reinsurance programmes through a regular review process and the timely construction of new programmes.

Being familiar with the more complex technical issues within the reinsurance markets, such as those arising from professional liability claims, our experts are able to help improve the efficiency of our clients' claims processing.

Our experts can produce pro forma collection notes and associated loss bordereaux, as required, and can provide appropriate responses to queries raised by reinsurers.

Capita is part of a global network supporting the expedited recovery of reinsurance assets.

We offer proactive management with regard to presentation of claims to reinsurers, agreement of claims and subsequent settlement of amounts due.

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The group has a strong track record of creating value for both shareholders and customers.

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