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Capita provides all services, at all stages of a syndicate’s life cycle. From governance and oversight through to processing, IT and complete back office support.


A range of services for closed books of business and run-off syndicates, including support for RITC and LPT transactions. We can also draw on our back office service to provide underwriting, claims and client finance support.

Start Up

Helping get new businesses and Lloyd’s syndicates up and running.


Supporting the entry of new syndicates to Lloyd’s including:

  • Assessment of business plans and review of expense costs

  • Working with Lloyd’s to gain new entrant approval

  • Providing Government and regulatory ongoing oversight


A range of services for open books of business and live syndicates, including:

  • Underwriting, claims and client finance work

  • Regulatory governance and risk management for Lloyd’s syndicates

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The syndicate management team works with clients to deliver, or support, the following suite of services, according to bespoke needs:

Download the Capita Managing Agency – Syndicate Management Matrix below.

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Capita Managing Agency - Syndicate Management Matrix


A. Syndicate approval

B. Syndicate Strategy

C. Underwriting & Claims

D. Underwriting Management

E. Governance and risk

F. Syndicate Operations

G. Finance

H. Actuarial

J.Corporate member

K. Managing Agency


These would be subject to Managing Agency oversight.

Syndicate proposal

Syndicate Strategy

Pricing Models

Risk-taking controls



Management of External audit

Rating tool development

Raise capital

Governance (Board)

Capita Managing Agency

These are our usual Managing Agency services.

Syndicate HLP

Distribution strategy

Risk acceptance

Peer review

Risk management oversight


Syndicate Tax Returns

Capital model

Create corporate member

Lloyd's Min Standards


These are areas where we both need to contribute.

Lloyd's approval process

RI strategy

Policy & aggregate data entry

Exposure management

Compliance oversight

Policy admin system

Setting up and monitoring of Working capital facility

Internal model use

Manage CIL

Policy and procedures

Capita Commerical Insurance Services

CMA's sister company providing outsourced back office services.

Syndicate business plan

Pricing strategy

PBQA & Sanctions checks

Exception handling

Company secretarial

Claims system

Investment management

Internal model validation

Regulatory and Tax returns

Regulatory framework and advice

Lloyd's MIH

Capital Strategy

Claims handling

Underwriting Management

Internal audit

Workflow application

Regulatory and Financial reporting preparation


Recruitment & Resources

SBF Production

RI Purchase

Independent peer review


Exposure (Cat) management system

Book-keeping credit control

RI processing

RI Oversight

MI / Data warehouse

Lloyd's reporting

Claims Oversight

IT hosting/ data services

Financial reporting

DUA & Customer Oversight

Outsource oversight

Price monitoring

Lloyd's Bureau processing

Syndicate Initialisation

  • Syndicate proposal

  • Syndicate HLP

  • Lloyd’s approval process

  • Syndicate business plan

  • Lloyd’s MIH

  • Recruitment & resources

  • Syndicate strategy

  • Distribution strategy

  • RI strategy

  • Pricing strategy

  • Capital strategy

  • SBF production

Underwriting, Claims & RI

  • Pricing models

  • Risk acceptance

  • Policy and aggregate data entry

  • PBQA and sanctions checks

  • Claims handling

  • Risk-taking controls

  • Exposure management

  • Exception handling

  • Underwriting management

  • Independent peer review

  • Catastrophe modelling

  • DUA and customer oversight

  • RI oversight

  • Claims oversight

  • RI purchase

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Governance, Risk & Compliance

  • Legal

  • Risk management oversight

  • Compliance oversight

  • Governance (Board)

  • Company secretarial

  • Internal audit

  • ORSA

  • Lloyd’s minimum standards

  • Policy and procedures

  • Regulatory framework and advice


  • MI / data warehouse

  • IT hosting / data services

  • Outsource oversight

  • Lloyd’s bureau processing

  • Exposure (Cat) management system

  • Facilities / BCP

  • HR

  • Policy admin system

  • Claims system

  • Workflow application

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Finance & Actuarial

  • External audit

  • Tax

  • Working capital facility

  • Investment management

  • Financial reporting

  • Book-keeping credit control

  • Rating tool development

  • Capital model

  • Internal model use

  • Internal model validation

  • Reserving

  • Price monitoring

  • Raise capital

  • Create corporate member

  • Manage CIL

  • Regulatory and tax returns

  • Lloyd’s reporting

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Our experienced leadership team is responsible for the strategy and direction of the business:

simon sykes
Simon Sykes
Chief Executive Officer

Prior to Capita, Simon spent five years at Vibe Syndicate Management Ltd and Plus Risk Ltd as the Director of Underwriting Operations and Chairman. Simon held senior…

sarah wilton
Sarah Wilton
Independent Non-Executive Chair of the Board

Sarah has extensive senior executive experience in due diligence, post-acquisition integration, acquisitions, disposals, IPO and other capital transactions – in the UK, Europe and US…

David Hope
David Hope
Independent Non-Executive Director

David’s previous roles include Chief Underwriting Officer and Chief Executive Officer of Torus Insurance, President, Marine and Energy, and Chief Executive Officer of Navigators London from…

Ken Curtis
Independent Non-Executive Director

Ken is a chartered accountant with over 25 years’ insurance market experience. He joined the CMA Board as a Non-Executive Director in January 2020. Prior to this, Ken held the position of Director of Finance…

ian bremner
Ian Bremner
Independent Non-Executive Director

Iain Bremner is a widely experienced insurance professional with over 33 years’ FCCA qualified service. He has held board executive positions for most of this time, including being CEO or Managing Director…

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Lloyd’s is proposing to transfer certain EEA insurance policies to Lloyd’s Brussels. The proposed transfer will not change terms and conditions of any policy, except that Lloyd’s Brussels will become the insurer and Data Controller in respect of the transferred policies.

Further information about the proposal (including whether it could affect your pre-transfer position), which policies are transferring, your rights and what you need to do can be found at:


A test-case was brought in court against what the FCA considered to be a range of non-damage BI policy wordings that were representative of those used by the insurance industry.

The aim of the test-case was to determine the interpretation of certain clauses within policies that include non-damage BI. They hoped that this would assist in providing greater clarity to insurers and policyholders alike in the handling of COVID-19 claims.