Our wider service portfolio

Capita has enormous experience of supporting organisations in their bid to deliver better financial services.

We are a highly commercial, growth-focused organisation and we are the clear UK BPO market leader, with a market capitalisation of £8.4 billion. With financial services accounting for 23 per cent of our revenue and with over 20,000 employees in this sector, we bring unparalleled scale and capability to our financial services clients.

We support our customers with the provision of over £16 billion worth of claims liabilities administration per year. Through our collection and debt management services, we recover over £29 billion annually on behalf of our clients. We also offer a range of retail banking services, which include remediation, customer management and product processing.

You may be surprised not only by how much we already do in the financial arena, but by the range of services we can offer your organisation, many of which will deliver immediate benefits, including financial savings. However, the benefits do not end there. We provide innovative services with a particular focus on data, technology, property and infrastructure, customer contact and back-office services. In fact, last year the respected business publication Forbes identified Capita as one of the 100 most innovative organisations in the world.