Why us?

  • Comprehensive procedural frameworks
  • Support across the whole premium management spectrum
  • Trusted to handle the safe flow of money through a complex environment
  • Accurate and timely credit control
  • Flexible resource planning to match workloads
  • Integrated offshore services 
  • Targeted audit controls for consistent high quality output


Would you like to make yourself more competitive by taking advantage of the financial and quality benefits of outsourcing your transactional activities?

We deliver on our promises through process re-engineering and taking advantage of the latest technological developments.

We can support the broker with full back office capabilities post placement, enabling the business to concentrate on its core activities; customer relationships, market liaison, risk management support and claims advocacy.

Areas where we can help:

  • Financial accounting – ensuring the effective flow of money based on accurate processing and timely credit control
  • Broker services – including policy production and post placement administration, freeing up more of your resources to concentrate on revenue generation
  • Claims – our expertise includes anything from legacy to current and from specialist lines to wholesale accounts and we operate in regional, international and global contexts

We offer brokers flexible resource planning to match workloads, fully integrated offshore services and targeted audit controls for consistency of output and high quality.



Supporting brokers

across all major classes of business

Vic Abbott

Business development

Vic Abbott - Business Development Executive

E: vic.abbott@capita.co.uk

T: 0207 204 7522

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