How you benefit

  • Contractually binding service levels and guaranteed quality – all at an agreed price
  • Complete flexibility to meet changes in demand
  • The knowledge that your underwriting support services are being managed efficiently 
  • You are free to focus on your core underwriting.

Underwriters & risk carriers

Should your underwriting teams spend more time writing business and less time processing it?

We operate a flexible resourcing model designed to respond to the peaks and troughs of your annual underwriting cycle and can provide you with a variety of underwriting support services tailored to your needs.

We were the first service company to deliver full end-to-end broking support and currently provide underwriting support functions to five of the top ten Lloyd’s managing agents.

Supporting underwriting and risk carriers since 2001

  • Capture risk data for more than 100,000 slips and endorsements
  • Check approximately 8,000 slips for contract certainty
  • Cleanse 27,000 aggregate schedules
  • Process more than 400,000 messages every year
  • Have more than 1,000 staff supporting underwriters in both London and international markets


Underwriting support services

A trusted partner

delivering quality services to the Lloyd’s and London market since 2001

Kath Gioiosa


Kath Gioiosa - Operations Director, Underwriting Services


T: 0870 402 4602

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